Sharing the Justice Camp Story

It’s been a week now since the conclusion of Justice Camp but the stories, insights and learnings are only beginning to be shared with the wider Church.

Annalee Giesbrecht wrote an awesome article about the role of churches in Cuba for the Anglican Journal.

Matt Gardner, The Anglican Church of Canada’s corporate communicator, has written an excellent series of articles capturing the essence of Justice Camp from his perspective. Have a read below:

Part 1: Justice Camp 2016: Exploring the common good

Part 2: Cuban church farm bolsters food security

Part 3: Working for economic justice in Havana

Part 4: Social engagement shares Cuban perspectives

Part 5: Justice Camp 2016: Final days and reflections

Reflections from Justice Camp participants have also been shared through the PWRDF website. Check them out below:

Bienvenidos a Cuba

Lizards, and Guava, and Social Circumstances, OH MY!!

Access to Clean Water

The poor need bread AND beauty

It’s great to see that the story of Justice Camp 2016 is being shared far and wide.

Bill Mous

updated May 20, 2016