Migrant Workers

Collaboration with Migrant Workers

Migrants have become synonymous with foreigner and outsider.  This has left space for some to question the motives and value of these individuals who are often found in the fields and greenhouses in the area surrounding Windsor.  These attitudes also make it easier for these workers to be exploited.

Our goal in this immersion experience is to learn about the reality of issues for Migrant Workers in Canada through local resources: Why are there Migrant workers? How does the Migrant worker Program benefit workers, Canadians, and home countries? What are some of the complex issues that emerge for both workers and employers?

We will get to meet some Migrant Workers from the area and be introduced to some of the supports that are available in the local community for Migrant Workers. Our hope is that we will emerge from the experience more fully informed about the complexity of the interplay between Canadian government, and the needs of farmers and workers, and domestic and global food security. We also hope that, as faith communities, we can all increase our ability to be places of hospitality, support and advocacy along with sojourners in our country, so that the relationship between Canada and Migrant workers, through respect and collaboration, may move forward with justice.

Note: This immersion experience will include some walking and visits to a farm(s)/greenhouse/agricultural production site. Hats, sunscreen, bug spray, appropriate footwear and allergy medication as required are recommended.


The Rev. Tony Hogervorst, Deacon, Migrant Worker Ministry Specialist, Diocese of London

The Rev. Greg Smith, Faculty of Theology, Huron University at Western, Justice League Huron (PWRDF)

Suzanne Rumsey Staff PWRDF