Respect for LGBTQ+

In Genesis, we learn that God makes humankind in God’s image.  How do we interpret this passage?  Do we believe that God intended humanity to exist as a gender binary based on how we understand gender right now?  Is it possible that just as God created a diversity of skin, hair, and eye colour, shape and size, that God also intentionally included a diversity of sexual preferences and gender interpretations? If so, what do we need to better understand this diversity and provide support for those who do not fit into the perceived “norm”.

The goal of this immersion is to create a safe space in which participants can explore the evolving ideas around gender and sexuality and the blessings and challenges these raise.  Opportunities will be provided to hear about the experiences of those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community across generations and identify the resources currently available to support the community.  Activities will challenge the perspectives of participants to consider what it is like to seek authenticity when who we understand ourselves to be doesn’t necessarily fit with how society views us.

Local resources for the LGBTQ+ community include (click on each bullet for links to the website – these will appear in a separate tab assuming this option is enabled on your computer)