Respect for Creation

In Genesis, the beginning of the Bible, we learn that God created the earth and all that is therein and asked humanity to be stewards of Creation.  When we look around us, however, how much of what we see is rife with the scars of human choices?  How many trees and plants have been cut down to serve our purposes?  How many species have become extinct because of our apathy?  How many invasive species have we introduced as a result of thoughtlessness?

Our fifth mark of mission challenges us to strive to safeguard the integrity and sustain and renew the life of the earth.  To engage in reflection on the gifts of creation and the challenges faced by human choices, this immersion will provide opportunities to (click on phrases in bold to link to websites – these will appear in another tab assuming this feature is enabled for this website) :

  • explore green energy initiatives including solar panels (example: Green Sun Rising);
  • learn about the wonders of the Carolinian Region and native plants through the “In the Zone” initiative;
  • understand the challenges of invasive species as we identify, catalogue and remove purple loosestrife;
  • discover the benefits of eating local as we seek to make the best possible use of what is available (example: Green Heart Lunch);
  • talk with electric vehicle owners about the wonders and challenges of these vehicles;
  • and engage with innovative local business initiatives that seek to help people reduce their carbon footprint (example: Greener Bins).

Note: much of this immersion will take place outdoors and will involve walking around mixed terrain including exploring marsh habitats (hip waders will be provided).   Hats, sunscreen, bug spray, appropriate footwear and allergy medication as required are recommended.