Mental Health

Mental Health

Respect for and Collaboration around Mental Health

Note: This immersion is now closed and unavailable for registration.

In recent years we have come to recongise that mental health is as important as physical health and both can be compromised for reasons beyond our control.  This immersion will thus offer an opportunity to learn about mental health and mental illness in an effort to develop a deeper appreciation for the gifts and struggles of those who have experienced mental health setbacks.

This immersion will include:

  • one full day exploring the local region and the resources available for those experiencing mental health setbacks including Ten Friends Diner, an innovative program which provides job and peer support;
  • two full days of Mental Health First Aid training with a local facilitator.  Those participating in this immersion will thus receive Mental Health First Aid Certification.  Click HERE to access a brochure for more information about Mental Health First Aid.

Note: participants will need to buy a resource book for the Mental Health First Aid training at an added cost of $35.